people based artisan design for people in love and people with businesses.

Hi, I’m Caroline. I own this boutique artisan design studio in Helsinki, Finland. I thrive to serve both creative businesses and people in love. My mission is twofold: to empower creative business owners to reach for their full potential by creating innovative brands that inspire confidence and to help engaged couples bring their wedding vision to life in the form of personalized wedding branding and print products. . I specialize in working with women owned businesses and projects that are focused on equality and human rights, but I also love just a bit of a challenge with something totally new.








Wedding brand design

Visual identity is the "brand" for your big day. It includes creating a logo for your event as well as using coordinating fonts and colors to create customized invitations and other printed products. By having a brand for your event you ensure that everything will match and be coordinated for all aspects of that day. You can use the brand board to give to florists, photographers, your event planner, and any other vendor so that they can have a clear visual reference for your event. Printing is facilitated through us to ensure quality paper products and mailed right to your door step.



Photography is so important and so very many things, but it is truly an investment. After the wedding day is over, the dress cleaned and boxed up, the flowers dried and gone, the cake has been devoured  and the guests have gone home, what remains of the day?  Your love, those memories, maybe a folder of paper goods and the photographs!  The wedding day flies by so fast and you want to be certain, that you will remember all of the well-planned details, the loved ones who supported your life long commitment and the sacred vows you made on the day that changed your life forever! This is the one choice in all of your wedding planning that endures and stands the test of time! There for generations to come. This is your love story, make no compromises with your memories! I am here to help you every step of the way! 

Venue styling services

Is there way too much options to choose from, or a vision what you want but you just do not figure out how to bring it all together? Maybe you would just like to relax and enjoy your day with no stress according the decor? I will style items hired from our archives/bought for you including props, linens, centrepieces etc and make sure everything is perfect. I can even arrange your own items saving you the stress or burdening your family. Everything will be taken away the next day leaving you to simply enjoy being a newlywed. To make sure that those special little details are carefully put together,  I will bring my hard working team of friends and production professionals and we will make your guests remember the best wedding ever - yours.



We should not waste paper, right?

Thats why every time we print something, it should be meaningful. That's why I believe in high quality printing and recycled materials. Sometimes it is good to make things so beautiful, that they will not be just thrown away. Also, quality stationary really makes your wedding the Pinterest wedding you were looking for.




Visual brand building

A brand identity refers to the look and feel of your business/organisation. Too often business owners have beautiful work, but brands that just fall short and the quality of their brand does not match the quality of their work. Are you tired of having beautiful work and a not so beautiful or fitting brand? Your brand identity should be deliberate, consistent, and reflective of your values. It’s in the the mood evoked by the color work, fonts you choose to use, photography and much more. Let Stained Creative help!


Anything between creating staff photos or event photography! 



Graphic design and websites

I also do seperate design projects, even if your branding work is already done. 
Is there plenty of things you still need, posters, social media material,
just a new/updated and a little bit more functional website?  


Visual Merchandising

Windows that need a new look or a shop floor that needs a functional layout? 
Inventive visual merchandising coming your way!
Because the customer deserves a experience.



Ready made collections to make your process easier.

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